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Sticker Printing Singapore

Sticker printing or label printing is a good way to enhance your company’s brand or image. Sicker printing is versatile and can be used to promote your company, service or brand image. Sticker printing is inexpensive and can be customised to meet many marketing ideas.
Sticker label printing can be used to enhance and create a pleasant and strong company’s image on products,

You can use sticker printing on packages, deliveries, gifts, wrappers and any grand idea you can think of.

There are different sticker label materials you can use for various surfaces like glass, boxes, floors and walls.

The finish product of our sticker, label printing will come in roll form. single piece or sheet form. This depends on the job itself. Some examples are special die cuts, shape cuts and die cuts.

 Some of the most popular sticker printing are listed herein.

Popular Sticker Label Printing:

1. Address Sticker

2. Car Decals | Window Decals

3. Foil stickers – gold, silver

4. Security Egg Shell Stickers

5. Transparent Sticker

6. Stickers for boxes,wrappers, packages

7. Stickers for medicine boxes, bottles.

8 . Personalise Stickers for Weddings, Baby Showers,

9. Vinyl stickers

10. Waterproof stickers.

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Types Of Sticker Labels Printing

Sticker Printng mirror kote

Mirror Kote Stickers - Digital Press

Size: 90x50mm with peel line

Price: $95 per 1K (4c x 0c)

@ 2,000pcs order

Wood free sticker printing

Wood Free Stickers - Digital Press

Size: 60x22mm with peel line

Price: $45 per 1K (4c x 0c)

@ 3,000pcs order

Foil stickers

Foil Paper Stickers - Offset

Size: 90x30mm with die-cut

Price: $125 per K (2c x 0c)

@ 2,000pcs order

Transparent sticker printing

Transparent Stickers - Offset

Size: 35x100mm with die-cut

Price: $50-$160 per 1K (1c x 0c)

@1K – 5K order

Security Sticker Printing

Egg Shell Stickers - Offset

Size: 40x20mm with die-cut

Price: $75 per 1K (2c x 0c)

@ 4,000pcs order

Security die-cut Sticker Printing

Security die-cut Sticker

Size: 34x34mm with die-cut

Price: $45 per 1K (2c x 0c)

@ 6,000pcs order

Decal sticker printing

Window / Car Decal Stickers

Window Decals​

Price: On Request

Waterproof stickers

Signage Stickers

Price: On Request

Helmet Vinyl sticker printing

Vinyl Stickers for Helmet - Digital Press

Price: On Request

  • Mirror Kote Stickers

  • Wood Free Stickers
  • Foil Stickers – Gold & Silver 
  • Transparent Stickers
  • Egg Shell Stickers
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Decals
  • Adhesive Type – Normal Adhesive / Strong Adhesive / Removable Adhesive
  • Matt / Gloss Lamination
  • Die-cut / Kiss-cut
  • Flat Sheet / Roll Form
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