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Pre Ink Stamp | Self-Inking Stamp | Rubber Stamp in Singapore

We supply Pre Ink Stamp, Self-Inking Stamp to businesses, banks and businesses in Singapore.

The stamp has a tiny built-in ink pad to re-ink itself every time you stamp for impression.Your can customize your company’s  self-inking stamp according to your needs with a variety of sizes & colors. These handy stamps are easy to use and carry and last many impressions. When the ink pads run out of ink you can simply ink them and it’s ready to use again.



Popular Sizes and Colors for Pre Inking Stamp, Self inking stamp in Singapore.

We can customize your stamp for business and personal use. Our stamps are available in different shapes like square, round, oval & rectangle. If you need a special size please check with the available casing sizes in our chart below. This is to ensure the available casing size will match your artwork at hand and it’s not oversize for the casing.

You can also use the chart below to get an estimate of how much the stamp will cost. You can also call or email us with a sketch of your requirement and we will be able to advise you further.


Examples of Self inking Stamps for Company business and address.
Pre Ink stamp size for address:

1. DF2255 (18x51mm) & DF2267 (18x63mm).
2. For company round stamp will be DF24 (20mm) & DF26 (22mm)

Self Ink  stamp size for address:
1. CS1-20 (15x45mm) & CS1-30(20x56mm).
2. For company round stamp will be C-24 (20mm)

Pre inking stamp
Pre-Ink Stamp (Oil Based)
Self inking stamp types
Self-Ink Stamp (Water Based)
Dater stamper models
Dater Stamp
Common seal stamp
Common Seal

Stamp Price List and Casing Size

Pre ink stamp price list
Self ink stamp price list
Dater stamp price list
Common seal price list
  • Pre-Inking Stamp Colours – Blue, Black, Red, Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow, Sky Blue and Brown.
  • Self-Inking Stamp Colours – Blue, Black & Red 
  • Dater Stamp Colours – Text in Blue & Date in Red, All Blue, All Black, All Red
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