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The printing process we call offset lithography or offset print today was accidentally discovered  by an American printer in 1904.


The print process or technique seems simple – An image to be printed is made on to a printing plate and the inked image of the plate is transferred on to a rubber “blanket” and transferred to paper or other materials. This discovery process begun the revolution and reinvention of the printing process to what it is today.

Offset Printing Machines

From single color machines to the widely use 4 color machines and added attachments for numbering, perforation, extra finishes and special colors offset print has truly come a long way. Today offset printing is widely used in the commercial print market worldwide. The creative and artistic designs and finishes can only be made reality through the offset print machines.

Printing Services

We see them practically everywhere in marketing collateral like packaging boxes, advertising signs, information leaflets, magazines, stickers, decals, labels,  and the list goes on.

Offset Print is widely used because its cost effective and fast job turnarounds. Offset print also allows the use of special inks like metallic, neons, pantones and special mixes.


There is no end to the print capabilities of  offset printing and we belief it will continue on for some time as the world evolves towards the digital platforms.