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Letterhead Printing Singapore.

Letterhead Printing is the standard official representation of the company, the brand and its identity.
Letterheads will normally have the company’s logo, design and contact details.
Letterheads are an official company document that can be used for various tasks. Letterheads can be used for legal documents, tenders, quotes etc. Many companies may not realize the importance of using corporate stationery. Corporate Letterheads do command respect and help brand recognition and identity.
With the rise of spoof emails and company identity theft, it’s advisable to use proper corporate stationery for important documents. Digital copies of letterheads do pose a risk for identity theft. Do take advantage of our low cost printing for all corporate stationery.  Do not lose your corporate identity.


Letterhead Printing, Colors and Size

We provide different types of letterhead printing. Most letterheads are printed in spot colors using pantone colors. There are some companies that require letterhead printing in full color.
Whatever your requirements are, we are ready with 20 years experience to get it done for you.
The current standard size for letterhead printing is – 210mm x 297mm or A4. The common and least expensive paper used is 80gsm and 100gsm white woodfree paper. There are also different types of paper available in the “fancy paper class” or premium papers. We are known for our low print prices and quality.

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Types Of Letterhead Printing

Letterhead printing in pantone colour

Letterheads - Pantone Colour (Spot)

Material: 80gsm wood free

Price: from $80/1K (1col)

from $98/1K (2col)

Min: 1,000pcs (500pcs / Ream)

Discount: For Large Orders lowest price available.


Letterhead printing in process color

Letterheads - Process Colour (CMYK)

Material: 100gsm wood free

Price: from $350/2K (4cols)

Min: 2,000pcs (500pcs / Ream)

Discount: For Large Orders lowest price available.

Letterhead in digital print

Letterheads - Digital Print

(Variable data printing)

Price: On Request

Continuation sheet

Continuation Sheets

Material: 80gsm wood free

Price: from $80/1K (1col)

from $98/1K (2col)

Min: 1,000pcs (500pcs / Ream)

Discount: For Large Orders lowest price available.


Compliment slip printing

Compliment Slips - DL

Material: 80gsm Wood Free

Price: from $80/20 pads (1col)

from $98/20 pads (2col)

  • 80gsm / 100gsm / 120gsm Wood Free

  • 85gsm Orbit Bond
  • 100gsm Conqueror Laid Paper
  • 100gsm Conqueror Wove Paper
  • Gold / Silver / Copper Hotstamp
  • Loose Sheet
  • Pad Form (Glue On Top)
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